Features & Benefits 

Key Benefits

  • Improve business decisions by analysing your data quicker and more accurately.
  • Intelligently automate repetitive and complicated tasks using Microsoft office applications using formulae, Pivot's, Advanced Queries and VBA macros that can reduce total time spent from 20% to 99.9%.
  • Reduce the large costs utilizing off the shelf software and on going consultancy fees by using bespoke software that works with your own business processes.
  • Signficantly reduce if not remove human errors during data entry and process controls.
  • Encourage confidence at all levels with timely , coherent and accurate reports, databases and communication service's.
  • Develop internal skillsets with one-to-one coaching and training.
I have been using Microsoft office applications intensively for over a decade to run complex operations using single to multiple data source's from a vast range of systems such as SAP, Cognos, Business Warehouse etc. I specialise in designing and programing VBA (Visual Basic Applicatons) that can automate processes as well as create Bespoke menu's within Excel spreadsheets, access database's and outlook email.
My expertise within this field helps businesses deal with a broad array of tasks from reducing the steps and time employees spend fetching, editing, saving and distrubuting files to aiding in analysing complex sets of data, create easy to maintain reports and presentations, automate repetitive work and proccesing financial and other business data.
To do this requires the ability to understand complex business processes and working out how to improve them using the best method possible potentially using a combination of operational design and development as well as incorporating managment skills working from the top being key stake holders or board members down to the employee(s) who would maintain this process going forward.
Having 8 year's experience and acredited Business advisor and software tester for ConeXware Inc provides a higher understanding of the stage's of development within the software industry and I have succesfully applied them within the office enviroment, these include the importance of a 7 stage development process that has been proven to deliver quality results that are reliable , easy to use and deliver both businesses and end user expectations.